Surrey Youth Planners.

Find your opportunity to see what other Surrey residents and businesses are doing to build our community, and what you can join the City of Surrey on to continue to develop the greater Surrey community.

Surrey Communities

See which of 6 Surrey's communities you live in, and explore everything that's going on around your neighbourhood.

City Beautification

Work with your neighbourhood and the City of Surrey to create spaces that promote community spirit and pride.

Community Safety & Crime Reduction

Find out how to keep your community safe, and get familiar with crime reduction resources, events and plans.

Diversity & Inclusion

Programs, services and community connections focused on welcoming, educating, supporting, and celebrating the diversity within Surrey.


Be part of protecting and celebrating Surrey's environment.

Gifts & Donations

Donate to your local Surrey community area to help children, seniors, arts and parks.

Grants & Awards

See if you or your community group qualifies for any of the City of Surrey's grants or awards.

Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities serves the public with Volunteer Resources, Accessibility and Inclusion, Diversity and Inclusion, Youth and Community En [...]

Heritage Planning

Heritage is what we inherit from the past, value in the present, and plan to preserve for the future in Surrey.

My Stories

Share your photos and favourite moments in Surrey.

Social Planning

Learn the 5 priorities of social planning in Surrey, and see how we're working to support a socially sustainable Surrey.

Sustainability & Energy

Learn how our communities are creating a more sustainable Surrey.