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So what's up with the new web site?

We took your feedback to heart. As residents, visitors, business people, youth, kids, and parents, you said that we needed to do a better job at looking after your information needs. As customers, you wanted information that was relevant to what you needed to do in Surrey. You also wanted the site to reflect the "voice of Surrey" and showcase the great things our city has to offer from all perspectives.

How do I find content I want now?

We rewrote and then reorganized the content into six main buckets:

  1. City Services: Anything related to a product or service you might request from the City of Surrey. (E.g. Paying property taxes, community grants, renewing a dog license.)
  2. For Business: Anything related to either investing in Surrey, moving a business to Surrey, or growing an existing business in the city. (E.g. demographics, tax comparison rates, land inventory.)
  3. Culture and Recreation: Anything related to doing some fun in Surrey (E.g. the arts scene, museums, outdoor parks, community recreation centres, pools, arenas, youth centres.)
  4. Bylaws, Policies, Licenses: Anything related to a bylaw, rule, or regulation. You may access the actual bylaws, policies, and licenses here too. Feel free to also renew a business or dog license here.
  5. City Government: Think about an organizational chart. In other words, you will find specific department information and what each of them does. This also includes details on the Mayor and Councillors.
  6. Plans and Strategies: Any longterm corporate plan or strategy can be found here. (E.g. 10 Year Water Management Plan, 10 Year Parks, Recreation, and Culture Strategic Plan, Transportation Plan.)

If you know exactly what you need, you can also use the following tools to find your content:

  • Search function: Type in the key words of the content you're thinking of. This might include documents and policies you're looking for.
  • Quick User Tasks: Select directly from this menu of links, which also include direct connection to renewing licenses, and other online services.
  • Landing pages: Look for the filmstrip that has the tabs "Play in Surrey", "Move to Surrey", "Land Development", "Invest in Surrey" and others. These clickable items will take you directly to a summary of the most important information related to the topic you're wanting...without needing to click through any navigation.

If you need more help, check out our orientation video.

I've got some more feedback for you. How do I get it to you?

We welcome feedback anytime! Please send it to us in an e-mail using the feedback link.

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