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Agriculture & Farming

Farmers working an a field of green produce.

Agriculture plays a significant role in Surrey's economy, with Surrey’s expansive agricultural land base defining much of the City. More than one-third of land in Surrey (9,290 hectares) is within the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), a provincial zone recognizing agriculture as the priority use.

Surrey and surrounding areas are home to some of the richest growing areas in Canada because of the region's favourable soil, mild climate, and extended growing season. The key agricultural sectors in Surrey are poultry, dairy, berry and vegetable production. Much of the agriculture production in Surrey is guided by the City's Agriculture Strategy.

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Surrey ALR

Agricultural Land Use

Learn about Surrey's Agricultural Land base and uses.

Farm with Blueberries

Agricultural Policies

Find Surrey's agricultural related plans, policies, strategies and procedures.

ALR Interface Buffer

Agriculture & Farming Issues

Learn about agricultural and farming issues in Surrey, including urban land use challenges.

Ag Strategy Title Page

Agriculture Strategy

See how Surrey is enhancing the agricultural land base, encouraging innovation, improving sustainability, and maximizing productivity.

A farmer at a stand with vegetables.

Buying Local

Support Surrey farmers by buying locally produced farm products.

Serpentine River Dyke

Dyke & Drainage on Farmlands

See how City of Surrey policies and programs work to protect farmland from flooding and improve farming conditions.

Farmer In Field


Learn how to start your farm or lease your farmland from the ground up with FarmableNOW.

Thresing Dinsmore Farm

History of Farming in Surrey

See how the history of Surrey is tied to the history of farming.

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