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Better Signs Mean Better Business

Research shows that good signage increases business. Revisions to Surrey’s sign by-lawwill strengthen the visual presence of businesses now cluttered with signs that don’t meet legal requirements.

The intent of the amended sign by-law changes will:

  • Make messages clearer
  • Make signs less distracting
  • Improve the image of Surrey businesses
  • Contribute to Surrey beautification

Sector Specific Information

Review Sign By-law information  for:

Outdoor Retail Storefronts 
Real Estate 
Car Dealerships
Gas Stations
By-law Summary Guide for Sign Shop Operators

Sign By-Law Enforcement

It is the responsibility of each business or operation to comply with the new by-law. Enforcement will focus first on new developments or signage that is already illegal under the former by-law.

Increased enforcement will occur for  new signs  and where infringements affect neighbouring businesses or traffic.

Stepped up enforcement can be anticipated in 2015 following an extended period of education and awareness that occurred throughout 2014.

For more information contact (604) 591-4370 or