R116 : Award of Civil Construction Tender for Newton Athletic Park Artificial Turf
     Corporate     NO:  R116
     Report     COUNCIL DATE:    June 10, 2002

Mayor & Council
June 4, 2002
General Manager, Parks, Recreation and Culture
Award of Civil Construction Tender for Newton Athletic Park Artificial Turf

That the Civil Construction contract for the Artificial Turf at Newton Athletic Park be awarded to Terra Designworks Inc. in the amount of $ 429,100 including optional work for lighting control system plus $ 30,037 GST for a total contract price of $459,137.
The Artificial Turf project was approved by Council as a 2002 capital project.  The turf will be installed at the Newton Athletic Park.  The total approved project budget is $1,400,000.  There are two major contracts involved in the project; these are for a) the Civil Construction, and b) the Artificial Turf.  The Civic Construction works include site preparation, drainage, construction of the sub-structure, supply and installation of lighting equipment, fencing and landscaping.  Tenders for the Civil Construction were received on Friday May 24, 2002 as a result of a public tender process.
Five bids were received:
Base Bid
Separate Prices 1&4 Alternate Prices 1&15
Contract Price
Terra Designworks Inc.
Wilco Landscape Contractors Ltd.
$  9,250
Matcon Civil Constructors Inc.
$  9,000
Sandpiper Contracting Ltd.
$  8,500
J.S. Ferguson Construction Inc.
$  8,407

The Tender Form requested a Base Bid Price and one Separate Price  The bid prices are valid for a period of 60 days.  All five bids were evaluated with same separate price inclusions.  The low base bid received was from Terra Designworks Inc.
The tenders were also evaluated on the basis of completeness, the schedule included with the Base Bid, and on the availability and references of the key personnel assigned to this project by the Contractor.  The experience, availability, and references for the Project Manager and Site Superintendent were also evaluated and taken into consideration.  References for all individuals and the companies were acceptable.  It is intended for the project to commence immediately upon Award of Contract.  The tender documents expect site mobilisation and set-up to commence within 5 days of award.  The tender prices are within the total project budget for the Newton Athletic Park Artificial Turf Project. 
The Artificial Turf project is divided into two contracts.  The first contract is for Civil Construction works.  The second contract is for the artificial turf and a corporate report will be forwarded to Council.  The low bid of $459,137 from Terra Designworks Inc. for civil construction is within the project budget.  The anticipated award for the Artificial Turf as well as other costs, (consulting, testing, lighting, etc.) will be within the $1.4 million budget.
          Don Hunter, General
          Manager of Parks, Recreation
          and Culture