The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Theatre | Magic

Heath Tarlin Entertainment
Canada (Ontario)
Leap Frog Stage
70 min

Grades: K – 5

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About The Sorcerer's Apprentice

A charming and heartwarming story of two people finding a way through their strengths and weaknesses to learn how to work together.

It’s Annie’s first day on the job as a sorcerer’s apprentice. She’s mesmerized by the skill and artistry of the magician and can't help but try her hand at some of the skills when he’s not looking. Sorcerer Sam, driven by ego and under pressure to rehearse a big show, doesn't see what Annie has to offer until it's almost too late.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a retelling of the ancient story of a hapless apprentice and powerful magician. Don’t miss out on this performance filled with visual illusions, puppetry, circus arts and a ton of laughs!

Show quotes

"Fantastic concept! Fantastic show! Very engaging for the kids!" - Sonja Karlson, Armstrong Elementary, Burnaby BC

"Our school and staff really enjoyed the show. Students from kindergarten through grade 7 were mesmerized. Thank you very much!" - Erin Gibbs, Vice Principal, John Norquay Elementary, Vancouver BC

Performance Times

 Thursday May 26   10:00am 
 Friday  May 27  12:50pm
 Saturday       May 28       12:00pm      

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