May 25 - 27, 2017


Access the schedule for the 2017 Surrey International Children's Festival, including performances and venues.

Ticket Information

Get ticket information for the Surrey International Children's Festival, for school group prices and regular ticket prices.

Grug and the Rainbow

Don't miss your chance to meet this curious little character Grug, who is full of determination and his adventures are always full of surprises.

Francophone Programming

See the Surrey Children's Festival Francophone programming.

Le Groupe Swing

Get ready to move with this pop, electronic, hip-hop music sensation Le Groupe Swing.

Les Parfaits Inconnus

Come be amazed at this incredibly circus performance incorporating circus and music at the Surrey International Children's Festival!


Don't miss this exceptional piece of theatre about a girl and a boy and the lessons they learn from a horse coming to the Surrey International Children's Festival!

Paper Playground

Let your toddler and preschoolers be transported as they take place in a dance exploration with paper.


Sangja takes the audience on a remarkable journey from Korea to Canada and all the imaginative places in-between.

Snow White / Blanche Neige

Catch the fun of this theatrical performance where the children of the audience play the main parts!