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Pangaea Arts & ArtStage SAN
South Korea
Studio Theatre
60 min

Grades: 3 to 7

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About Sangja

Sangja takes the audience on a remarkable journey from Korea to Canada, and all of the imaginative places in-between. We follow a boy as he strives to find his unique place in the world and come to terms with the incredible loss of his birth family, language, and culture, while navigating the tensions that occurs when families (and people) don’t fit within our cultural expectations.

Featuring two renowned theatre companies from South Korea and Canada, this play is a dynamic blend of physical theatre, breathtaking puppetry, an extraordinary musical score, and theatrical elements from East and West! Sangja, the Korean word for “box,” explores identity, race, cultural diversity and conformity, non-traditional families, international adoption, and the boxes we put people in.

Show Quotes

“We can’t say enough good things about this beautiful show! From our 5 year old to our 47 year old. We all loved it.”
-Cameron Phillips

“Our students loved it! All our students displayed a rarely seen focus and attention to the performance. I think all our students can relate to feelings of not belonging and disconnect from their culture. The puppetry was awe-inspiring as well! I thought it was beautifully done. Thanks for having us!”
-Grandview School - Shannon Dolen, Aboriginal Enhancement Teacher.

Performance Times

 Thursday  May 25  12:45pm  
 Friday  May 26  9:20am  
 Saturday  May 27  2pm 4pm

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