Grug and the Rainbow

Theatre & Puppetry

Windmill Theatre Co.
South Australia
Studio Theatre
35 min + 5-10 min show activity
Grades: Pre K – K
Ages: 1 - 5

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Grug | Grug and the Rainbow | Grug at the Beach
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About Grug and the Rainbow

Based on the much loved Australian picture books created by Ted Prior.

Back by popular demand and a sold out run in 2013, Grug returns!  Grug began his life as the grassy top of a Burrawang tree. Fascinated by the world around him and never short of an adventure, Grug is full of determination and his adventures are always full of surprises. Featuring exquisite puppetry and more of the gentle storytelling that has delighted audiences around the world, this brand new show has been especially created for the next generation of our littlest theatregoers (and those who just love Grug), so don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch this incredible show.

Show Quotes

“Amongst the best children’s theatre you will find; don’t miss this gorgeous show.”
-The Barefoot Review

“A charming theatre experience.”
-The Age

Performance Times

Thursday  May 25 9:20am 10:50am
Friday  May 26 11:30am 1:00pm
Saturday      May 27 10:45am  12:00pm

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