Community Summit Highlights

  • Thanks for your help in moulding the 2-way dialogue at the first Community Summit, held on April 6, 2013.

We received nearly 400 people's thoughts on the Possible Discussion Ideas Topics. We had great attendance, with over 200 community members coming out to discuss ideas and become part of engagement in Surrey.

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Community Summit Google+ Hangouts on Air

Speakers and keynotes from the Community Summit appeared live online, through the City of Surrey's Google+ . Hear the Mayor's Address, and from keynote speakers Gordon Hume and Matt Hern.

Mayor Watts, and Gordon Hume's keynote

Matt Hern's keynote


Workshop summaries and slides

Municipal 101 – Getting to know City Hall

How does the City of Surrey work? Who is responsible for what? Participants sat down with City staff from various departments and learned about what they do and how we can work together.

          Community Gardens and Urban Gardening

          In this popular session, participants got to learn how to grow their own garden in a small space such as a patio or balcony from author and gardener David Tracey, and learnt about community garden opportunities in Surrey from Owen Croy, Manager of Parks.

          Where’s the Family?

          Explore challenges faced by families today, family policy, the generation “squeeze” and collaborate with workshop participates on new approaches for reducing family stress.

          Welcoming Community for New Canadians

          Surrey is a community rich with diversity! Share stories, learn from others and explore how to make surrey a community welcome to all.

          Surrey 2050 – The Vision

          In 40 years, Surrey will be the largest City in British Columbia. What is your future vision for Surrey? We want you to dream big in this interactive workshop.

          Connecting with Youth Today

          The Connecting With Youth Today workshop discussed a variety of issues related to youth and adult partnerships with a group of both youth and adults. Participants identified common stereotypes, and practical steps and ideas for youth and adults to keep in mind while working in collaboration.

          Sustainability in Surrey

          In the Sustainability in Surrey workshop, Surrey staff provided an overview of the Sustainability Charter and the City’s efforts around: climate change, sustainability indicators, ecosystems and biodiversity, walking and cycling, and food security. Some resources were also provided to participants for further information and follow up.

          Becoming a Community Leader

          Community leaders are everywhere around us, what does it take to be a successful community leader? Do you imagine passion, engagement and collaboration as important pieces of the equation? Join us for a panel presentation from a diverse group of community leaders, then join in conversation on how to take your ideas and passions to the next level.

          Connecting Neighbours

          Do you know your neighbours? In this workshop, talk with others about how you can connect with those next to you and reduce isolation, starting with the house or apartment next door.

          City Beautification

          Participants at the Civic Beautification Workshop came up with ideas on “what makes a great space”- including nature and green spaces, food markets, culture and diversity, good urban design, safety and accessibility. The group also came up with ideas, locations and priorities for enhancing the City of Surrey.

          Identifying Community Assets and Resources

          Communities thrive when people or groups are actively involved, but finding the right resources and tools can be a barrier to making your vision a reality. This session will help you discover and map the resources in your community to move your ideas forward.