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CitySpeaks, the online way to have your say!

It's your Surrey, have your say!

We recognize it's challenging to keep informed of everything happening in the City of Surrey let alone attend Open Houses or provide your valuable input in other ways. CitySpeaks is a quick and easy way to have your say about decisions important to you. JOIN CitySpeaks today! 

JOIN CitySpeaks - It only takes about 3 minutes.

Get Invited to Online Surveys - Receive email invitations to complete online surveys (no more than 2 per month).

Choose the Topics that Interest You - Add your opinions and thoughts to those topics of interest to you!

Stay in the Know & Have Your Say - Influence decisions affecting you and your community.

Survey Results from CitySpeaks:

Here are a few surveys we have conducted among CitySpeaks Members. JOIN Today to be first to see what your neighbours said about these subjects and more.

Food Trucks in Surrey Survey Report 

"Food trucks” are mobile kitchens that are set up on the street"

Sustainability Survey Report

"Meeting the needs of the present generation in terms of socio-cultural systems, the economy and environment."

Light Rail Transit (LRT) Survey Report

"Surrey residents' thoughts on adding Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Surrey."

Communications Survey Report

"Measuring residents' sense of engagement or connection with the City of Surrey."

Member Satisfaction Survey Report

“To measure CitySpeaks members’ satisfaction with their experiences."

On many occasions we have an open invitation to all residents and interested parties to share their opinions on the same topics as addressed in CitySpeaks. We call these either Open Community or Active Surveys. See please for these other surveys and their results.

We keep the results separate since CitySpeaks Survey are conducted using scientific research methods to ensure the results are representative of the entire community. This way City of Surrey planners and decision-makers receive very accurate insights from the community and know the results reflect those of the community.

Join CitySpeaks today.

Register to Win

In addition to monthly prizes for Cityspeaks members, those who join the online community panel will be entered into an annual prize draw for a $500 Shopping Spree. Review the contest rules. (PDF)

Event attendees being asked to take survey


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