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Smart Surrey

The City of Surrey has been named as one of the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2016 by New York-based think tank Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).
Read more about the ICF's nomination.

The Smart Surrey Strategy guides how technology and innovation are considered in decisions made for existing and future plans, programs and infrastructure.

Using new and existing technologies and information, it identifies and implements systems and programs to inform decision-making, create efficiencies and optimize our resources leading to cost-savings.

Four key areas of action have been developed to deliver on its vision:

  1. Social Engagement and Connectivity
  2. Economic Growth
  3. Service Delivery Innovation
  4. Smart City Infrastructure

More than 40 key initiatives are part of the Smart Surrey Strategy. Explore how some of them are enhancing life and work within Surrey:

Innovation Boulevard Logo

Innovation Boulevard

An agile partnership creating new health technologies to improve patients' lives.

Biofuel Facility

Organic Biofuel Facility

Read how Surrey is set to become the only fully integrated closed-loop waste management system in North America.

District energy plant in City Centre

Surrey City Energy

Surrey City Energy is an award-winning district energy utility that supplies high-density buildings in City Centre with heat and hot water.

Pattullo Bridge Sky LiDAR.

Open Data

Download Surrey's open data, including aerial imagery, land use, financial, environmental, social, and infrastructure data.

Woman using a mobile tablet.

Surrey Free Public Wi-Fi

Find the closest free Wi-Fi service in Surrey, offered at more than 45 key locations throughout our city!

Traffic Management Centre

Traffic Management Centre (TMC)

The Traffic Management Centre is a state-of-the-art facility used to manage the flow of traffic in our City.