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Surrey Excels

Surrey Excels, the City's strategic framework guides us in achieving our vision of a thriving, green, inclusive city.

Surrey Excels was created with the participation of employees from all areas of the City and tells the story of what we are commonly trying to accomplish and how each of us contributes in our own way to make the lives of our citizens better. You will learn more about Surrey Excels during the New Employee Orientation. Until then, we encourage you to ask your manager if you have any questions.

 It's an exciting time for Surrey and we look forward to working with you to achieve our strategic objectives.


Our Vision: A Thriving, Green, Inclusive City

Our Strategic Objectives

Surrey Citizens

  • Increase citizens' satisfaction with the services we deliver
  • Protect and enhance our natural and built environments
  • Increase citizens' economic opportunities, sense of safety & belonging

City Funds

  • Foster responsible spending and accountability
  • Grow City revenue and reduce expenditures through innovation
  • Ensure that we address short and long term needs

Our Processes

  • Streamline processes to improve services
  • Encourage innovation and collaboration in our work
  • Enhance strategic community engagement

Our People

  • Leverage technology to improve service delivery
  • Attract the best, develop, and retain our people
  • Cultivate a safe, desirable, engaging workplace

Our Themes

Our Mission: We serve our community to improve the quality of life for everyone.