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City Values

Finance & Technology Department

The City of Surrey's values of Community, Innovation, Integrity, Service and Teamwork guide the way we serve our residents, engage with our community and work with each other.


We care about and contribute to the broader well-being of the community. We strive to make Surrey a great place for our citizens to live, work, invest, recreate and raise a family.


We welcome change. We actively look for leading-edge initiatives and welcome new approaches and original thinking. We are committed to continuous improvement; we recognize all experiences as important learning opportunities.


We are honest. We are accountable for our decisions. We meet our commitments. We are forthright in our communications. We understand and comply with all laws, regulations and policies.


Customers are important to us. We want to help our customers. We seek to understand our customers' needs, and actively work to achieve responsive balanced solutions.


We support each other. We trust each other. We respect each other. We take a City-wide view of the challenges we face. We value everyone's ideas.