Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission

The Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission (SHAC) is appointed by Council to advise on the management and implementation of community heritage conservation planning and activities.

The Heritage Advisory Commission was first established as an advising committee in 1976. In 1997, the Heritage Advisory Commission was established and given full Commission status under the City of Surrey By-Law 13282.

Terms of Reference and Mandate

The Commission is appointed for the purpose of:

  • advising Council on heritage matters
  • providing support for heritage activities

The mandate of the Commission is as follows:

  • to advise Council on matters dealing with the creation and maintenance of a Heritage Register;
  • to advise council on the designation by by-law of a feature or property;
  • to advise council on expenditures related to financial assistance or compensation to property or features owners;
  • to advise council on the recognition of heritage places through the installation of markers;
  • to advise council on the recognition of achievements in the area of heritage preservation;
  • to review recommendations and information prepared by City staff concerning all proposed heritage preservation tools;
  • to review information and recommendations prepared by City staff on matters related to Heritage Conservation Covenants, Heritage Conservation Areas and Heritage Revitalization Agreements;
  • to advise Council on the heritage aspect of development applications;
  • to support awareness of and appreciation for the City's heritage by developing and promoting information related to the City's heritage in a variety of formats and media;
  • support heritage activities and heritage programs undertaken by the City or community organizations in the areas of environmental preservation and interpretation, built preservation and interpretation and cultural preservation and interpretation;
  • to support activities undertaken by the City related to awareness and preservation of significant heritage features or heritage property in the City, by raising funds as authorized by Council

Meetings schedule

Meetings are held monthly and are open to the public.

See the Surrey Heritage Advisory Comission's Annual Meeting Calendar.