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Parks is responsible for the development, planning, operation and maintenance of the City's 2,600+ hectares of parkland, civic marina and three cemeteries.  Parks also oversees the stewardship of the natural environment and the street tree program, and coordinates nature-based programs.  Parks works alongside the community to program the use of all outdoor athletic facilities to optimize public uses.  The Special Events and Filming section hosts major events throughout the year and provides advice and permits to community event organizers and is a one-stop agency for filming within the city. 

Parks Planning, Research and Design Section

Carries out master planning for parks, open spaces and greenways; manages the City-wide Park Acquisition Program; works with the development community to determine park requirements; carries out department-wide research initiatives; through research on emerging trends in land use and recreation, and through consultation with the community, develops conceptual and detailed designs for new or retrofitted parks;
works closely with Park Development Services and consultants to develop park development standards and guidelines, and in the delivery of major park development projects; supports inter departmental planning and design initiatives; manages GIS data, and provides drafting and mapping services to support the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department with assistance from the City’s Engineering GIS Section.

Park Development Services Section

Responsibilities include community consultation for specific park construction efforts, renovation programs and public-participation projects; liaison to other City departments for landscape construction projects; development of landscape construction specifications; commissioning of detailed design work for some new parks and park facilities; construction of new parks and support facilities, street landscaping and public building landscapes; renovation or replacement of park assets and facilities; and management of construction contracts.

Park Operations Sections, North and South

Responsible for maintenance of all park structures, such as parking lots, buildings, lighting systems, play structures, outdoor seating, park signs and underground services; maintenance of grounds, including public building landscapes, horticulture areas, refuse collection, litter control, grass cutting and trimming in all non athletic areas; community development and management of volunteers working in the Partners in Parks Program, special event liaisons; and community garden coordination, management of the Gifts and Donations Program, implementation of park-based public programs, etc.

Business Operations and Athletic Field Management Section

Maintains and operates the City’s three public cemeteries and Ward’s Marina; maintains and operates all City sport fields, including grass cutting, irrigation system maintenance, over-seeding, top dressing, fertilization, drainage systems, artificial turf grooming, etc.; liaises with the outdoor sport community, including 35,000 registered users of 350 outdoor athletic facilities; this function includes support to the Outdoor Sport Advisory Committee (OSAC), facility allocation, permit issuance, liaison with the School District and development of the outdoor sport community; and responsible for the administration of asset management and work control functions.

Urban Forestry and Environmental Programs Section

Responsible for the management of park shade trees and street trees, including planting programs, pruning, fertilization, and public tree stewardship programs; management of natural areas in parks which may include forests, wetlands and natural meadow areas. Services include hazard tree inspection and mitigation; trail maintenance, ecosystem protection/preservation and enhancement, wildlife habitat management, and implementation of community stewardship programs; coordination of the environmental stewardship program, public education and interpretation of natural environments and ecosystems. Also operates the Surrey Nature Centre; environmentally-related special events including the Environmental Extravaganza, Arbor Day, Maple Leaf Day, and ReLeaf Days; and partners with non profit environmental groups to restore and enhance natural areas in parks, recruits volunteers through Friends of the Forest, Eco-Rangers, SNAP and Surrey Youth Stewardship Squad.

Special Events

Chairs the City’s Festival & Events Support Team (FEST Committee) with representatives from police, fire, ambulance and other key agencies, which acts as the permit review body for all special events applications received in Surrey each year; and event organizers for the City of Surrey’s major annual events including Canada Day celebrations, WinterFest, the Fusion Festival, the Mayor’s Annual Charity Ball.


Assessment, approval and administration of film production permits; film industry policy development in cooperation with industry representatives and the BC Film Commission; liaison between residents, businesses and film producers to mediate competing interests; and promotes the City of Surrey as a film-friendly community to the film industry.