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Community Planning

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Community Planning responsibilities focus on the formulation of city-wide and long range planning policies and strategies to guide future community and social development in the City. Programs include:

  • The annual updating and on-going monitoring of the City's Official Community Plan,
  • Preparing Neighbourhood Concept Plans,
  • Preparing new planning policies for consideration by Council, and
  • Monitoring market trends and community expectations in relation to the on-going development of the City.

Responsibilities also include:

  • The development of growth management objectives,
  • The development and implementation of social planning policies,
  • Management of Surrey's built, natural and cultural heritage resources, and
  • The development of policies for the protection of agriculture.

Other functions include providing staff support to the Social Planning Committee, the Agricultural Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Commission and working with community organizations in support of the policy objectives of the City's Official Community Plan.