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Area Planning & Development Division South

Manager: Ron Hintsche

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What our division does

The Area Planning and Development South Division focuses on the communities of South Surrey and Newton.

Our group of planners implements Council-adopted land use and development bylaws and policies in our 2 community areas.

We do this by reviewing applications for proposed land development projects. This review typically involves a detailed analysis of how the proposal fits Official Community Plan policies and applicable secondary land use plans, including Neighbourhood Concept Plans.

We work with other key departments and divisions, including our colleagues in the Community Planning Division, and the Engineering, and Parks, Recreation and Culture Departments in our reviews. We also seek input from area residents and community associations, to make sure we're considering and factoring in any concerns or issues raised with a development proposal into the decision-making process, before we make our recommendations to Council.

How we fit into the City of Surrey

In our Division, we have 15 planners, who work with developers on behalf of the City, evaluating land development applications. Our planners communicate with builders or developers throughout the preliminary and detailed design stages of the Land Development Process, from the pre-application stage to the final approval of the development plans.

Meet our partners in the Area Planning -North team, then see how we all fit in the bigger picture of City departments.