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CUPE 402 Class Specifications

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Accountant 1
Accountant 2
Accountant 3
Accounting Clerk 1
Accounting Clerk 2
Accounting Clerk 3
Administrative Assistant - Legislative Services
Animal Health Technician  
Animal Shelter Attendant
Animal Shelter Attendant Assistant  
Animal Services Officer  
Animal Transport Attendant   
Animal Welfare Attendant   
Application Specialist 1  
Application Specialist 2
Application Specialist 3
Application Analyst 1  
Application Analyst 2
Application Analyst 3
Art Coordinator   
Assistant City Collector
Assistant Curator  
Assistant Equipment Controller  
Assistant Head Lifeguard 
Assistant Technical Director 
Associate Planner
Breath Test Instruments Technician    
Building Cleaner
Building Inspector 1
Building Inspector 2 
Building Maintenance 1   
Building Maintenance 2
Building Service Worker
Building Technician 
Business Analyst 1 
Business Analyst 2 
Business Analyst 3 
Business Operations Coordinator (Engineering)
Business Operations Coordinator (PRC)  
Business Service Analyst  
Business Support Services Assistant
Buyer 1
Buyer 2
Buyer 3
Buyer Trainee   
Bylaw Enforcement Officer 1
Bylaw Enforcement Supervisor
Bylaw Business License Clerk 1
Bylaw Business License Clerk 2
Bylaw Services Officer  
Cell Team Lead  
Chargehand Carpenter   
Chargehand Electrician  
Chargehand Engineering Operations
Chargehand Plumber   
Clerk 2
Clerk 3
Clerk 4
Clerk Typist 2
Clerk Typist 3
Clerk Typist 3A Technical 
Clerk Typist 4
Clerk Typist Trainee
Commercial Operations Clerk   
Communications Coordinator  
Community Justice Program Coordinator  
Community Outreach Assistant  
Community Patrol Officer  
Community Programs Administrator  
Community Programs Coordinator   
Community Safety Coordinator
Community Services Assistant 1 - Junior Leader   
Community Services Assistant 2 - Facility Attendant   
Community Services Assistant 2 - Senior Leader CLS   
Community Services Assistant 2 - Senior Leader Culture Services   
Community Services Assistant 2 - Senior Leader Parks   
Community Services Assistant 2 - Wellness Leader   
Community Services Assistant 3 - Archival Assistant 
Community Services Assistant 3 - Collections Assistant 
Community Services Assistant 3 - Program Assistant CLS  
Community Services Assistant 3 - Program Assistant Culture  
Community Services Assistant 3 - Program Assistant Parks
Community Services Assistant 5 - Program Specialist CLS
Community Services Assistant 5 - Program Specialist Culture
Community Services Assistant 5 - Program Specialist Parks  
Community Services Coordinator 1    
Community Services Coordinator 2 - Communications Engineering  
Community Services Coordinator 2 - Community and Leisure Services
Community Services Coordinator 2 - Culture   
Community Services Coordinator 2 - Engineering Community Relations  
Community Services Coordinator 2 - Marketing
Community Services Coordinator 2 - Special Events
Concession Worker 
Concession Worker Caterer 
Contract Administrator   
Conveyancing Clerk
Conveyancer 1
Conveyancer 2
Conveyancer 3
Court Liaison Officer   
Court Services Supervisor  
Crime Analyst 1    
Crime Analyst 2     
Crime Analyst Supervisor 
Cultural Exhibits Technician  
Cyber Security Analyst 1  
Cyber Security Analyst 2  
Cyber Security Analyst 3  
Data Analyst 1 
Data Analyst 2 
Data Analyst 3
Database Analyst 1 
Database Analyst 2
Database Analyst 3 
Design Analyst 1 
Design Analyst 2 
Design Analyst 3 
Digital Extraction Technician
Disclosure Clerk  
District Office Coordinator
Diversity Coordinator
ECE Assistant   
ECE Facilitator  
ECE Lead/Co-Lead   
ECE Responsible Adult  
Econometrics and Research Analyst
Economic Development Officer  
Electrical Inspector 1   
Electrical Inspector 2  
Electronic File Administrator  
Energy Facility Operator  
Engineering Assistant 1
Engineering Assistant 2
Engineering Assistant 3
Engineering Assistant 4
Engineering Inspector 1
Engineering Inspector 2
Engineering Inspector 3
Engineering Works Yard Clerk
Environmental Coordinator 
Environmental Planner 
Environmental Technician - Aboriculture
Environmental Technologist
Equipment Controller
Equipment Operator 1  
Equipment Operator 2 Tractor Backhoe Cemetery  
Equipment Operator 3
Equipment Operator 3 Flush Truck Operator
Equipment Operator 4 Centre Line Marking Machine Operator
Equipment Operator 4 Flail Mover Operator   
Equipment Operator 4 Mini Excavator Operator   
Equipment Operator 4 Sewer Jet Driver Operator
Equipment Operator 4 Sewer/Vacuum Truck Operator
Equipment Operator 4 Tandem Flat Deck Crane Truck Operator   
Equipment Operator 5 Front End Loader Operator Heavy    
Equipment Operator 5 Grader Operator Heavy  
Equipment Operator 5 Medium Excavator Operator
Equipment Operator 5 Tractor Backhoe Operator
Equipment Operator 6 Excavator Operator Heavy
Equipment Operator 6 Gradall Operator  
Equipment Operator 6 Utilityman   
Exhibits Officer   
Field Supervisor I  
Field Supervisor I EOCP 
Field Supervisor I EOCP Operations Water  
Field Supervisor II   
Field Supervisor II EOCP 
Fire Safety Technician  
Finance Reporting Clerk 
Fleet and Garage Clerk  
Fleet Partman 
Fleet Services Supervisor
Forensic Identification Technician  
Forensic Video Analyst
Functional Application Specialist 1
Functional Application Analyst 1
Functional Application Analyst 2  
Functional Application Analyst 3
Garage Supervisor  
General Operations Clerk   
GIS Analyst 1    
GIS Analyst 2
GIS Analyst 3
GIS Specialist 1
GIS Specialist 2
Graphic Designer 1    
Graphic Designer 2 
Groundskeeper 1    
Groundskeeper 2
Head Concession Worker  
Head Lifeguard  
Head Skating Instructor 
Information Officer  
Information Technology Supervisor 
Inventory and Maintenance Worker  
Inventory Clerk  
Inventory Supervisor  
IT Architect 1 
IT Architect 2  
IT Architect 3 
IT Site Setup Coordinator  
Labourer Parks
Labourer Engineering  
Landscape Architect  
Landscape Technician  
License Inspector
Lifeguard Instructor
Lifeguard Instructor 1  
Marketing Coordinator
Material Supply Supervisor 
Media Designer   
Media Relations Coordinator 
Member Services Clerk  
Member Services Coordinator  
Natural Area Practitioner  
Network Analyst 1  
Network Analyst 2 
Network Analyst 3 
OCC Scheduler 
OCC Trainer 
Operations Clerk
Park Designer 
Park Equipment Operator 3  
Park Equipment Operator 3A
Parking Services Coordinator   
Parks and Recreation Planner    
Parks Equipment Operator 2A   
Parks Operations Coordinator
Payroll Accounting Technician 
Park Technician   
Payroll Coordinator   
Payroll Technician   
Plan Checker 1  
Plan Checker 2 
Plan Checker 3    
Plan Checker 4
Plan Checker - Building Inspector  
Planner 1    
Planner 2
Planning Analyst
Planning Technician 1
Planning Technician 2
Planning Technician 3
Plumbing Inspector 1   
Plumbing Inspector 2
Police Accounts Clerk 1 
Police Accounts Clerk 2
Police Accounts and Procurement Clerk
Pool Service Worker   
Pool Technician  
Prime Coordinator   
Print Shop Clerk
Print Shop Operator
Procurement Specialist
Production Coordinator 
Program Assistant
Project Management Assistant  
Property Agent 1
Property Agent 2
Property Agent 3
Property Appraiser 1
Property Appraiser 2
Property Appraiser 3
Property Associate
Property Records Clerk  
Property Tax & Utility Rep 1    
Property Tax & Utility Rep 2  
Property Tax and Utility Trainee 
Quality Assurance Analyst 1 
Quality Assurance Analyst 2
Quality Assurance Analyst 3 
Quality Control Reader 
RCMP Training Program Administrator 
Records Analyst
Records Audit Reviewer  
Records Clerk 2
Records Clerk 3
Records Clerk 4
Records Office Supervisor
Records Team Supervisor
Recreation Facility Maintenance Worker 1 
Recreation Facility Maintenance Worker 2  
Recreation Facility Maintenance Worker 3
Recreation Facility Maintenance Worker 4   
Recreation Programmer - Aquatic Facility  
Restorative Justice Coordinator
SCADA Radio System Operator 1
SCADA Radio System Operator 2
Security Clearance Specialist   
Senior Contract Administrator  
Senior Court Liaison Clerk
Senior Energy Facility Operator  
Senior Information Officer   
Senior Exhibits Officer   
Senior Operations Clerk
Senior Planner
Service Attendant  
Service Writer   
Skating Instructor
Stockroom Clerk 2  
Stockroom Clerk 3   
Structural Worker 1 
Structural Worker 2 
Support Specialist 1    
Support Specialist 2
Support Specialist 3
Support Specialist Trainee COOP Student
Survey Assistant
Surveyor 1
Surveyor 2
Surveyor 3
Sustainability Coordinator 
Sustainability Planner   
Switchboard Operator RCMP  
Switchboard Operator City Hall  
Systems Analyst 1  
Systems Analyst 2  
Systems Analyst 3 
Systems Trainer  
Team Leader 1    
Team Leader 2    
Team Leader RCMP Records 
Technical Lead 
Technical Support Specialist 1   
Technical Support Specialist 2  
Technical Support Specialist 3 
Telecom Operator 1 
Telecom Operator 2
Trades Foreman     
Trades Improver 1 EOCP Patrol Streets P and C Utility Operator 1  
Trades Improver 1 EOCP Sanitary and Construction Wastewater Collection 
Trades Improver 1 EOCP Sanitary Wastewater Collection Operator 1  
Trades Improver 1 EOCP Water Distribution Operator 1   
Trades Improver 1 Roads and Drainage
Trades Improver 2 Carpenter Form Maker  
Trades Improver 2 EOCP Carpenter Form Maker Wastewater Collection  
Trades Improver 2 EOCP Hydrant Maintenance Water Distribution Operator 2   
Trades Improver 2 EOCP P and C Utility Operator 2  
Trades Improver 2 EOCP Sanitary Sewer Video Camera Operator Wastewater  
Trades Improver 2 EOCP Valve Maintenance Water Distribution Operator 2  
Trades Improver 2 EOCP Water Tester and Chlorinator Water Distrubtion Operator 2  
Trades Improver 2 Raker Person Black Top Crew
Trades Improver 2 Rakerman
Trades Improver 2 Stop Bar Crosswalk Painter
Tradesman 1 Automotive Body Person 
Tradesman 1 Gardener 
Tradesman 2 Automotive Commercial Transport  
Tradesman 2 Carpenter    
Tradesman 2 Electrician  
Tradesman 2 Gardener 
Tradesman 2 Mechanic    
Tradesman 2 Mechanic HVAC
Tradesman 2 Plumber  
Tradesman 3 Heavy Duty Field Service Mechanic 
Tradesman 3 Machinist  
Tradesman 3 Millwright   
Tradesperson 1 Welder
Tradesperson 2 Heavy Duty Mechanic
Tradesperson Semi-Qualified
Traffic Information Officer   
Traffic Management Coordinator
Traffic Management Coordinator 2 
Training Coordinator (RCMP)  
Transport Assistant   
Transportation Planner 1   
Transportation Planner 2   
Truck Driver Swamper 
Truck Driver 1 Single Axle Truck Driver
Truck Driver 2 Tandem Truck Driver
Truck Driver 2 Centre Line Truck Operator
Truck Driver 3 Tandem Crane Supply Truck Driver
Truck Driver 4 Tandem Truck Driver with Trailer   
Truck Parking Coordinator
Victim Services Caseworker
Web Specialist 
Weigh Scale Control Clerk 1 
Weigh Scale Control Clerk 2 
Youth Counsellor