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Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a high-quality and flexible form of rapid transit used across the world. The City envisions building a LRT network to join communities south of the Fraser. The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, which represents the 23 local governments in Metro Vancouver, supports a 27 km LRT network for Surrey.

Over the next 30 years, we will welcome 300,000 new residents and 150,000 new jobs. An LRT network connecting City Centre with Town Centres throughout Surrey and with Langley will support sustainable growth and a strong economy. LRT will also help shape Surrey into the region’s next great metropolitan centre.

The City believes LRT is the right solution because:

  • LRT is more cost-effective than SkyTrain. We will be able to build 27km of LRT to connect communities with transit for the same cost as 16 km of SkyTrain 
  • SkyTrain from Surrey City Centre to Langley is only 5 minutes faster than LRT. Travel time for LRT may decrease once more detailed technical work is completed.
  • LRT will help promote economic development and create compact, vibrant and transit-friendly communities.
  • LRT is at street level, which is more accessible for passengers with wheelchairs, strollers and shopping carts and won’t break up street areas with concrete columns.
  • LRT trains can carry more passengers than B-Lines and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and will be able to meet long-term demand.
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Light Rail in Dublin

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