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Cart Collection Overview

Two Surrey waste carts at curbside.

The City of Surrey provides fully automated waste collection services to Surrey residents, using a three-cart system. To help make the most of our waste diversion plan, the City’s collection schedule was designed in a way that will maximize the amount of organics that we divert from the garbage stream.

We collect your:

  • Organics cart: every week
  • Recyclables cart: every other week, alternating with garbage collection
  • Garbage cart: every other week, alternating with recyclables collection

Ensure proper spacing between carts and have them ready for collection by 7:30 a.m. Please do not overfill your carts - if you consistently have excess material, you may request a larger or additional cart. Service fees will apply for exchanges.

Missed Collection

Our waste collection hauler works until 7:30pm so please leave your carts out until then if they have not yet been serviced. Failure to report a missed collection within this time may result in your missed carts not being collected.

If your carts were missed, contact us by the next business day:


Carts on Curb

Setting Out Your Carts

Review how to properly set out your carts on collection day.

Different Cart Sizes

Cart Sizes

See the recommended waste cart size for your Surrey household.


Excess Materials

Review how to handle excess Garbage, Organic Waste and Recyclables.