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Becoming a Firefighter

Two Surrey firetrucks parked inside a fire hall.

Becoming a firefighter takes time and effort, but when you succeed, you will have found the career of a lifetime.

Review the career firefighter requirements or the volunteer firefighter requirements to see what steps to take to join the firefighting community.

Also ensure you can pass the physical fitness test. Then, find fire and medical training institutions to take the requisite and preferred courses.

High pay and benefits match your time and effort

We offer excellent pay and benefits. You can review the pay and benefits in our current Collective Agreement.

Flexible work hours allow you a family life

The hours of work are a 4-on, 4-off schedule consisting of 2, 10-hour day shifts and 2, 14-hour night shifts. Crews cook and eat 1 meal together each shift and maintain their physical fitness in the hall fitness centers.

Outside of working hours, firefighters take part in many charitable functions organized by their union, Local 1271 of the International Association of Fire Fighters. Thousands of dollars are raised each year for the Surrey Fire Fighter Charitable Society. This money supports many firefighter-sponsored programs, local charities, and community organizations.

Diverse qualities reflect your community

The type of people the fire service is looking for has changed. Today, firefighters represent the diverse nature of the community we serve. We're looking for firefighters who are:

  • Mature
  • Well educated
  • Team oriented

We encourage women and minorities to bring their own unique strengths and experiences to the service. All firefighters belong to the firefighter extended family: our diversity strengthens us and improves our ability to serve our community.

Focus shows change in our career

Firefighting has evolved a great deal in the last 20 years. The number of medical assistance calls that Departments like the Surrey Fire Service (SFS) attend have dramatically increased. From January 1 - October 31, 2016, SFS responded to over 25,400 incidents related to medical assistance calls or motor vehicle accidents. In fact, out of over 33,400 incidents reported to date, only 8,000 calls were fire related.

Structure fires have been in steady decline, because of fire departments’ public education and promotion of extinguishers and smoke detectors. This century’s firefighters focus on:

  • Safety
  • Customer service
  • Public education

Learn more about our goals and objectives at the SFS. To decide which part of the SFS meets your interests, read about our different service divisions.