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Secondary Plans in Progress

Secondary plans provide detailed land use, servicing, financing and urban design information for areas of the city that will be undergoing development or in some areas redevelopment.

The planning process seeks to engage a broad range of stakeholders including residents and other landowners, community groups and development interests.

There are currently 8 secondary land use plans in development and 2 plans under review in Surrey. They come in the form of Neighbourhood Concept Plans (NCPs), Town Centre plans (TCs), and Local Area Plans (LAPs).

In addition to the secondary plans under development, also refer to existing Secondary Land Use Plans. Approved Secondary Land Use Plans are available and are organized by Surrey's 6 communities.

Redwood Heights NCP Illustrated Map

Redwood Heights NCP

View the Redwood Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) currently being prepared for the Neighbourhood #4 area in Grandview Heights.

South Campbell Heights LAP Boundary

South Campbell Heights Local Area Plan

See the latest information about the Local Area Plan (LAP) being prepared for the South Campbell Heights Area.

Grandview NCP #3

Grandview Heights NCP Area #3

Keep up to date with the recently initated Grandview Heights #3 NCP planning process.

Future 104 Avenue

104 Ave Corridor & Guildford Town Centre

Help us shape the future of the 104 Avenue Corridor and Guildford Town Centre. Take the survey!