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Land Use Plans

Learn about the Guildford 104 Avenue Plan

We are currently planning for a land use and road network plan to guide redevelopment of this key urban centre and future LRT corridor.

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Surrey has a number of land use plans that supplement the Official Community Plan (OCP).

These secondary plans provide more detailed land use designations and context for developing areas throughout the city.

These include:

  • General Land Use Plans (GLUP)
  • Town Centre Plans (TCP)
  •  Neighbourhood Concept Plans (NCP)
  • Local Area Plans (LAP)

Learn more about common planning terms.

We Want Your Input

To develop these plans we undertake a comprehensive planning process. This includes opportunities to engage with residents and stakeholders, including landowners, community groups and development interests.

Give us your feedback on the land use plans currently underway, or attend an upcoming open house.

Upcoming Open Houses

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