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Truck Route Network

Truck Route Network Map

Learn about the Truck Route Network in this brochure, and download the map here:

Download the Truck Route Network Map

What is the Truck Route Network?

Surrey’s truck route network consists of provincial and regional highways and strategic City arterial roads. It is a subset of our arterial road network.

Truck travel is restricted to the truck route network, except when a truck’s origin or destination is not located on the network. In those cases, a truck must take the shortest route from the network to their destination and back.

The integrity of the truck route network is vital to the economic development and vitality of Surrey. It supports the competitiveness of our businesses and boosts productivity and access to local, national, and international markets.

Prior to 1999, all arterial roads were truck routes. In 1999, a specific truck route network was developed, including a large public consultation process. At the same time, TransLink, the regional transportation authority, and the regional Major Road Network were created.  Under the provincial South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act, TransLink has regulatory authority over the truck route network.

Surrey’s truck route network is a schedule to the Highway and Traffic By-law , and Surrey's truck route network map is available here.

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