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Sunnyside Heights Neighbourhood Concept Plan

In November, 2010, Council approved the Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) for Grandview Heights Area #2, also referred to as Sunnyside Heights. The planning process for this neighbourhood area was initiated in 2005, and consistented of a series of background studies, a community consultation process and an engineering and servicing strategy.

In December, 2017, Council approved an update to the Plan, including land use changes to the south portion of the Plan Area.


The development of the Sunnyside Heights NCP was a two stage process. The first stage focused on establishing general land uses and densities, which formed the basis for the more detailed planning and analysis of the stage 2 process.

The Stage 1 process concluded in July, 2007 with Council's adoption of the Stage 1 Land Use Concept Plan Document. This followed two years of commuity consultation, including three open houses, commnuity meetings and surveys.

The Stage 2 process provided a more detailed analysis of the planning, engineering  and servicing requirments of the plan. It also included the development of the final plan document and land use concept, which recieved Council approval in November, 2010. 

In June, 2017, Council initiated a review of the approved Stage 2 NCP, with the aim of ensuring consistency between City policies and current development trends. The plan review was concluded in December, 2017 with the endorsement of Corporate Report R259 which including an amendement to the south area of the plan. The plan review included a community and stakeholder consultation process.