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Assured Grounding Installations

Assured Grounding: See BCSA Bulletin  SECTION 76 – TEMPORARY WIRING Rev #00. A signed letter of assurance and acceptability will be required from WorkSafe BC stating they will oversee the setup of the assured grounding program and monitor compliance through the course of construction. The City of Surrey will not issue a variance without this letter.

Section 76 Rule 76-016 will be enforced.

All construction sites require a separate temporary Electrical Service Permit to facilitate construction of the building. This permit will be issued as a Temporary Service for 120 days unless arrangement is made with the inspection department to extend the use. The temporary power and the maintenance will be the responsibility of the permit holder during the life of the active permit. Transfer of a connection from temporary power to permanent service is subject to the acceptance of the inspection department provided the building is substantially completed and lockable.

Note: Final inspection approval will be delayed until the removal of all temporary power, associated equipment and wiring is completed.