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Recycling in Surrey


Recycling and reusing material is a big part of the City's commitment to reducing waste in Surrey.

The City of Surrey picks up recycling for both single-family and multi-family households every other week.

Recycling Collection Day

Your recycling is collected every other week. Learn when your collection day is or about any changes to your waste collection schedule.

Surrey Rethink Waste Mobile App

Get instant access to your garbage, recycling and organics information in the palm of your hand. Find out your pick-up schedule or set up notifications for pick-up reminders or disruptions.

Learn more about how to find and download the Surrey Rethink Wast Mobile app.

Sorting Your Recycling

Not sure what goes into your recycling cart? Let the Waste Wizard help and our recycling guides help!


Help Reduce Contamination

Placing unacceptable materials in the recycling cart negatively impacts the recycling process as they must be removed at the processing facility. It's far easier, and less costly, if we all do our part to ensure that we are only placing acceptable materials into the recycling cart.

For unaccepted items, check Recyclepedia, or contact the Recycling Council of British Columbia at 604-732-9253.

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