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Bridgeview East Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project LAS Phase 3 & 4

Council Approved

On March 7, 2016 Council approved the LAS and By-law for the Bridgeview East Phase 3 & 4 Vacuum Sewer Replacement Project. Read the project page here.

During this time, you may be visited by City property agents to discuss what will happen on private property. This will include access to the electrical panel in your home, property restoration, and the release of the easement on your property. Area A (pumped connections) will be visited first by property agents followed by Area B (gravity connections).

Petition Results

12.5% of the properties opposed the project and submitted a Petition Form stating “do not agree” – therefore, a sufficient petition against has NOT been received. View the Petition Resuts Here

Public Open House

A public open house was held January 27, 2016 at Bridgeview Elementary School (12834 115A Avenue).

See the materials that were displayed:    

Local Service Area

See the map showing the areas for Bridgeview Phase 3 and 4 areas. Properties in Area A will receive a pumped connection and Properties in Area B will be serviced by a gravity connection.  

Local Service Tax

  • You do not have to pay the Local Service Tax until you develop your property. Development includes rezoning, subdivision, consolidation, development permit, service connection application, temporary use permit, development variance permit and building permit.
  • The City will pay 100% of the project cost to construct the new system and will gradually recover about 47% of the project cost when properties are developed or redeveloped
  • Tax EXEMPTION applicable for residential zoned lots where an existing house is rebuilt or renovated (and the renovation value is greater than $100,000) – you will only have to pay the “Sewer Lateral Tax Component” of the Local Service Tax 


  • LAS and Bylaw – Robert Lee, office: 604-591-4528 email: 
  • Design and Construction – Jason Daviduk office: 604-591-4079 email:
  • Property Agents – to be assigned shortly

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