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Pest Control

Chafer Beetle

Any area is home to many different kinds of animals, including bugs or rodents. Unfortunately, some of these pests can be annoying for people or could be harmful to the landscape.

See below to learn what to do if you encounter any of the following pests, and then review Surrey's pesticide use bylaw details.

Aphids on a leaf

Aphids & Tree Pests

Learn about common bugs in Surrey's trees and what you can do if you think your tree has a problem.

Chafer Beetle Damage

Chafer Beetle

Protect your lawn from the Chafer Beetle with these options.

European gypsy moth on damaged tree leaf.

Gypsy Moth

Help keep Surrey free of Gypsy Mothes by being aware of the signs of this regulated pest.

Rat running in grass.

Rats & Mice

Prevent or deal with rat or mice problems in Surrey.

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Invasive Plants

Find out about invasive plants in Surrey and alternatives for your garden.