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Rosemary Heights Central NCP Review

In response to community concerns associated with several development applications in the Rosemary Heights Central Neighbourhood Concept Plan (RHC NCP), on June 12, 2017 Council authorized staff to undertake a land use review of the areas designated as “Suburban” in the RHC NCP. Along with the suburban pocket review, staff was also asked to evaluate traffic impacts and road network implications associated with all currently proposed land use amendments in the RHC NCP (Corporate Report R130).

Review Area

Rosemary Heights Central Neighbourhood Concept Plan Area.

Lastest Updates

March 12, 2018 Council Action

Council voted unanimously to change the land use designation in a portion of the Rosemary Heights Central Neighbourhood Concept Plan (NCP) area known as the "suburban pocket" from half acre (2 units per acre) to quarter acre (4 units per acre) density. The action follows staff recommendations based on consultations and feedback from residential stakeholders in the suburban pocket and surrounding neighbourhood.

Council's approval also marks the end of a temporary hold on development applications in the NCP, allowing all applications within the Rosemary Heights Central Neighbourhood Concept Plan area to proceed to Council for consideration.

Check out the Corporate Report R048 for details.

NCP Neighbourhood Survey (Closed)

This Survey is now closed. Thank you for your feedback regarding two land use options in the Suburban Pocket study area, and general comments or concerns about the broader NCP area.  Your input will be forwarded to the City Council in an upcoming report.

December 5, 2017 Neighbourhood Information & Feedback Meeting

A Neighbourhood Information and Feedback Meeting was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 to present updates on the land use and infrastructure review, and to gather feedback from the broader Rosemary Heights Central neighbourhood stakeholders regarding alternative land use options being presented for the Suburban Pocket.

Suburban Pocket Land Owner Survey (Closed)

This survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. This survey captured land use and street connectivity preferences from property owners within the Suburban Pocket area.

August 30, 2017 Stakeholder Meeting - Suburban Pocket

On August 30, 2017 City Staff hosted a neighbourhood information meeting for owners of land within the Suburban Pocket.  Staff presented various residential land use density options for stakeholder consideration.  Here is a copy of the presentation and accompanying notes:

 Process and Timeline

The NCP review will generally adhere to the following timeline and tasks, culminating with a report to Council for consideration of future land use and development actions based on outcomes of the various studies and consultations:




June - August 2017

Conduct neighbourhood traffic review

  • Completed
  • Baseline traffic study results were presented at August 30, 2017 Suburban Pocket Open House

July - August 2017

Consult with Suburban Pocket land owners

  • Hosted Open House for Suburban Pocket land owners on August 30th
  • Completed Suburban Pocket land owners survey, September 27, 2017

July - August 2017

Consult School District 36 and Parks, Recreation & Culture Department

  • Completed

December 2017

Broader Consultation with Rosemary Heights Residents

  • December 5, 2017 Open House
  • December 6 - 17, 2017 Online Survey

March 12, 2018

Report to Council

  • Completed

Contact information

Steve MacIntyre, Planner
Community Planning Division
Phone: 604-592-2640



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