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Waste Collection Services

Rethink Waste Sorting Game

Waste Sorting Game

Play our waste sorting game!

Biofuel Facility

Organic Biofuel Facility

Read how Surrey is set to become the only fully integrated closed-loop waste management system in North America.

Garbage cart being lifted by a Surrey waste collection truck.

Collection Calendars and Waste Diversion Guides

Use your Surrey address to find your waste collection schedule.

Couch on curb

Large Item Pick-up (LIPU)

Get your large items, including furniture, stoves and mattresses, picked up through Surrey's Large Item Pickup Program.


Illegal Dumping

Get information to report illegal dumping in Surrey, and learn how we enforce the by-law to keep our streets and lots clean.


Surrey Reuses

Sell, trade or give away your old items through the Surrey Reuses website.



Find out about recycling services in Surrey.

garbage bag


Find out about Garbage waste collection services in Surrey.



Find out about Surrey's organic waste collection.


Litter Prevention

See how you can prevent litter, and learn how Surrey by-laws encourage all residents and businesses to keep Surrey clean.

apartment building

Info for Property Managers

Find information on how to implement organics collection at your apartment buildings.


Environmental Education

Get the kids involved in environmental education, and bring waste reduction and sustainability lessons to your child's classroom.


Alternative Disposal & Recycling

Find Surrey locations to drop off your old appliances, used car oil and see what to do with your old mattress.

Two Surrey waste carts at curbside.

The Carts

See how Surrey's waste collection has changed, and how putting out your 3 waste carts is diverting waste from landfills.