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Garbage Cart

Garbage Cart

Put waste that can't go in your organics cart or recyclables cart into your garbage cart. For example, put diapers, cloth and textile materials, or any product that can't be reused or recycled in your garbage cart.

Find other waste disposal options, including taking your garbage to the Surrey Transfer Station.

Food Isn't Garbage: 2015 Organics Ban

In 2015, Metro Vancouver will be banning organic materials, including food scraps, from disposal as garbage. For more information on the ban, please visit or view this short video which explains the introduction of the new rules.

Violation Sticker

If you've had an orange sticker placed either on your garbage cart, you may have:

  • incorrectly prepared your garbage,
  • exceeded your weekly limit, or
  • put unacceptable items out at your curbside.

Look at the circled area to find out why your garbage cart wasn't emptied. To have the cart picked up, fix the problem according to the orange sticker and put it out before your next garbage collection day.

Pet Waste

Small, household amounts of pet waste is accepted in your garbage cart. Please ensure the waste is double bagged before placing it in your garbage cart for next collection.

For alternative disposal options and information regarding disposing other pets' waste, please visit Metro Vancouver's website.

Hey! Food isn't garbage. Food scraps belong in your green bin.

Organics Disposal Ban

Learn more about the Organics Disposal Ban coming to Metro Vancouver in 2015.


Alternative Disposal & Recycling

Find Surrey locations to drop off your old appliances, used car oil and see what to do with your old mattress.

Couch on curb

Large Item Pickup

Get your large items, including furniture, stoves and mattresses, picked up through Surrey's Large Item Pickup Program.

garbage bag

What Goes In: Garbage

Learn what you can and can't dispose in your Garbage Cart in Surrey.

Garbage cart being lifted by a Surrey waste collection truck.

Waste Collection Schedule

Use your Surrey address to find your waste collection schedule.

Damaged pavement on a road in Surrey.

Report a Problem or Submit a Request

Report streetlight outages, waste collection issues, make a noise complaint or request road maintenance.