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What Goes In: Recycling

Crush Those Recyclables!

Please remember to...

  • Place materials loose in the cart
  • Flatten and cut boxes to fit inside the cart
  • Bundle extra flattened boxes and place beside your cart (tape and staples are accepted)
  • Place shredded paper in a firmly-tied clear, colourless plastic bag
  • Empty and rinse containers, and recycle all caps and lids
  • Put metal lids inside cans and squeeze slightly
  • Ensure lids and contents are removed before recycling your single-use coffee pods
  • Return deposit beverage containers for refund
  • Remove leftover food, plastic liners and wrap from flats

What Goes In

Mixed household containers, clam shell packaging, plastic plant pot, flattened milk jugs, drnk cups and lids, plastic food trays, aluminum foil and trays, chips cans, food cans and tines, empty aerosol cans, coffee cups and lids, paper egg trays, tetra pak containers, cardboard and paper, milk containers, ice cream containers, newspaper and flyers, magazines and phone book, office paper

For a complete list of acceptable items, please download our Recycling Guide, available in English, Punjabi, Korean and Chinese.

What Goes to the Recycling Drop-Off Depot

deposit beverage containers, styrofoam, plastic shopping bags, glass jars and bottles, paint and solvents, pesticides, power tools, small appliances, tvs or computers, e-toys and electronics, used motor oil and filters, tires, automotive batteries, light bulbs, medications, eye glasses, alkaline batteries


For more information on the types of packaging and printed paper that can be recycled in Surrey or to find a recycling drop-off depot near you please visit Metro Vancouver Recycles, contact the Recycling Council of British Columbia at 604-732-9253 or check the Recyclepedia.

What Stays Out

plastic bags, styrofoam containers and packaging, scrap metal, paper towels, glass jars and bottles, food-soiled packaging, non-packaging plastic, mirror glass, window glass, drinking glass, ceramics, batteries, electronics, sharps and hazardous waste, garbage and organics

For unaccepted items, see the alternative disposal options, check Recyclepedia, or contact the Recycling Council of British Columbia at 604-732-9253.

Help Reduce Contamination

Placing unacceptable materials in the recycling cart negatively impacts the recycling process as they must be removed at the processing facility. It's far easier, and less costly, if we all do our part to ensure that we are only placing acceptable materials into the recycling cart.

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