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Collection Schedule and Waste Diversion Calendars

Collection occurs on all statutory holidays except Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Collection Schedule

Surrey’s online notification tool offers a simple way to help you remember waste collection days and which carts to place out. Using just your address, access your own personalized Collection Schedule to see what is being picked up during any given week.

Surrey Rethink Waste Mobile App

Get instant access to your garbage, recycling and organics information in the palm of your hand. Download our new mobile app from Rethink Waste app or by searching “Surrey Rethink Waste” in the app store.

Surrey residents using our former “MyWaste” app should delete it from their smartphone, as it will no longer be updated for Surrey’s waste collection program.

Yard Waste Stickers, Extra Garbage Bag Stickers, and Kraft Paper Bags

Pricing Information

The below items are available for purchaser or pick-up at participating Recreation Facilities.

Item Quantity Cost
Yard Waste Decals N/A Free
Extra Garbage Stickers 1 $5.50
Kraft Yard Waste Bags Packages of 5 $1.75
Kraft Kitchen Waste Bags Packages of 10 $1.00
Rethink Waste Diversion Guide & Collection Calendar N/A Free


2016 Waste Diversion Guide & Collection Calendar