About the Surrey Fire Service

The Surrey Fire Service provides a high level of life and property safety through Public Education, Prevention Services, Fire Control, Emergency Medical Services and Environmental Preservation.

This commitment is to ensure the safety of residents and visitors in our City and safeguard the general economic welfare of the Community.

Hall Addresses & Photos

Get the addresses for each Surrey Fire Service Hall, and learn each hall's function and its apparatus.

Command Staff

Get introduced to the Surrey Fire Service Command Staff.


Find contact and function information for each division of the Surrey Fire Service.

2013 Department Statistics

Review the operational statistics of the Surrey Fire Service.

Goals & Objectives

Review a summary of the goals and objectives of the Surrey Fire Service and see how we provide the best emergency response possible to our c [...]


See the history of the Surrey Fire Service.

Community Service

Learn how Surrey firefighters make Surrey a better community through their on duty initiatives and off duty charitable work.

Surrey Firefighter's Association

Learn about the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and get connected to IAFF Local 1271.