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Utility Rates

Follow the utility rates for annual utilities, metered utilities and secondary suites. If you are a property owner, find property tax and utilities due dates for 2015.  

Annual Utilities

Annual utilities cover rates for water and sewer, drainage parcel tax rates and waste collection rates.

Annual Water and Sewer Rates

Annual utility bill for water and sewer service charges are from January 1 to December 31 for the current calendar year.  The amount is based on a flat rate due April 2 each year.  For billing details, see Annual Utility Billing Services.

2015 Annual Water & Sewer Rates

If paid by the April 2 due date

Sewer Water Total
 Single Family Dwelling  $580.00  $779.00  $1,359.00

Previous Annual Flat Rates for Single-Family Dwelling

Account Type 2009 2010 2011 2012  2013   2014
Water $526 $600 $637  $651  $677  $738
Sewer $342 $365 $428  $439  $483  $539

Find out about water metering, water conservation and sprinkler regulations by learning about drinking water. Also make sure to learn about homeowner responsibilities and get a system overview through our sanitary sewer information.

Drainage Parcel Tax Rate

The drainage parcel tax charges are from January 1 to December 31 for the current calendar year. The amount is based on a flat rate collected with the City's property taxes, due on July 2.

2015 Annual User Charge Rate

*Class  Description  Rate
 1, 8, 9  Residential/Recreational/Farm $213.00
 2, 4, 5, 6  Non-residential $259.00

*Property class is determined by BC Assessment.

Annual User Charge 2014    2013    2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
All properties except class 9  $224  $188.00 $166.00 $161.00 $161.00 $161.00 $160.00
Class 9 properties (farm)  $201  $123.00 $109.00 $105.50 $105.50 $105.50 $105.00

Learn more about drainage and stormwater management in the City of Surrey.

Annual Waste Collection Rates

Waste collection service charges are from January 1 to December 31 for the current calendar year.  The amount is based on a flat rate, collected with property taxes, due July 2 each year.  For billing details see Annual Utility Billing services.

2015 Annual Garbage Rates

If paid by the July 2 due date

 Single Family Dwelling  Garbage/Recycling  $283.00
 Secondary Suite  Garbage/Recycling  $142.00
 Apartment/Townhouse  Garbage/Recycling (using City services)  $283.00
 Apartment/Townhouse  Recycling (not using City garbage services)  $ 25.00

Learn about Surrey's New Waste Collection Program.

Surrey's Volunteer Water Meter Program  

Take charge of your water and sewer bill by installing a free water meter and pay for what you use. Request to receive your free water meter and learn about the water meter installation process.  

Metered utilities

Your utility bill is issued every 4 months. This bill incorporates a fixed charge based on the size of the water meter and a variable component representing actual consumption.

Learn how to calculate metered utility charges or see billing information in metered utility billing. The water metering program provides more information on how to save money and water.

2015 Metered Utility Rates for Commercial and Residential Properties

Water Consumption Rate  $0.8950 per cubic meter
*Sewer Consumption Rate $0.90625 per cubic meter

* Sewer volume is based on 80% of the total amount of water supplied by the City to the Property.

2015 Water Meter Base Charge

Size in mm Size in inches *Rate per Period Rate per Year
16 to 19 mm  3/4" $21.00 $63.00
25 mm 1" $26.00 $78.00
38 mm 1.5" $33.00 $99.00
50 mm  2" $43.00 $129.00
75 mm 3" $86.00 $258.00
100 mm  4" $100.00 $300.00
150 mm 6" $190.00 $570.00
200 mm 8" $223.00 $669.00

*Billing periods are every 4 months (tri-annually).

Secondary suite charges

Secondary suites are defined as a second dwelling unit, located within the structure of an owner-occupied single-family dwelling.

If there is no secondary suite at your property, call the Secondary Suite Clerk at 604-591-4516 to arrange for an inspection of your home to confirm the secondary suite has been removed.

Failure to do so will indicate to us that you have a secondary suite and your property will be assessed the additional utility levy for the current tax year.

All properties paying for secondary suite garbage charge will be permitted to put out one additional can or bag, for a total of 3 cans or bags. Garbage charges will be included on the annual property tax notice.

If you exceed your garbage can or bag limit, purchase garbage stickers for $2.75 from various City locations. Call 604-591-4340 for more information or get other contact information for a list of extra garbage sticker locations.

Learn more secondary suite program information, including fees, regulations and contacts.