Land Use Plans & Policies

A single family house in Surrey.

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Guiding development in Surrey

We have a comprehensive set of plans, policies and regulations to guide future development in Surrey. Plans include

  • strategies for land use and development,
  • infrastructure servicing,
  • transportation,
  • heritage protection,
  • tree preservation, and
  • other related development issues.

Land use plans that determine the location and type of development along with related policies and strategies provide a framework for the development of Surrey. Development projects that comply with these guidelines and requirements help our city grow and realize its goal as a community and meet our sustainability objectives. See how Surrey is doing on key indicators related to housing, growth and urban design on the City's Sustainability Dashboard!

Policies and regulations

Policies and regulations in progress

Existing policies and regulations

Aerial view of Surrey City Centre, facing the Fraser River.

Surrey Official Community Plan

Learn about this document that guides decisions and strategies in the City of Surrey.

Aerial view of Surrey City Centre, facing the Fraser River.

Secondary Land Use Plans

Secondary plans provide detailed neighbourhood-level land use planning for localized areas throughout the city.

Sign By-law Amendments

Learn about Surrey's Proposed Sign By-law Amendments.

Zoning By-law

All properties in Surrey have a legal zoning classification that specifies the types of buildings, uses and activities allowed on that prope [...]

Two deer standing near a beach.

Environmental Protection

See how Surrey's policies and regulations work to protect natural areas and the environment from the harmful effects of development.

Employment Lands Strategy

The Employment Lands Strategy was developed to ensure that an adequate and well-located supply of employment lands is available to meet shor [...]

Major Projects

Learn about major land development projects in the City of Surrey.

Surrey New City Design Award Logo.

NewCity Design Award

The NewCity Design Award recognizes excellence in land and building development in Surrey, with an emphasis on showcasing the City’s best urban development.