Engineering Infrastructure

To meet the needs of our City's current and future residents, the Engineering Department has an annual capital construction program, and a 10-Year Servicing Plan that identifies the infrastructure needs to service the City over the next 10 years. 

These projects are funded through utility rates, general revenue, and development cost charges (DCCs).  These projects are designed to meet the requirements of the Engineering Department's design publications.

For many of the Engineering Departments projects, project information is available online.

In addition to projects undertaken by the Engineering Department, local residents can petition the City for engineering infrastructure through the City's local area service (LAS) program.

The Engineering Department is also researching district energy, in addition to the traditional engineering infrastructure that the Engineering Department normally provides, like sanitary sewer, drinking water, garbage and recycling, and drainage and environmental services.

Aerial Drainage photo

10-Year Servicing Plan

Review the Servicing Plan details to provide transportation, drainage, water, and sewer services to Surrey over the next 10 years.

Tynehead Pedestrian Bridge during the day.

Engineering Projects

Get updates and details on engineering projects in Surrey.

Engineering Publication Books

Engineering Publications

See engineering publications for design and construction of City infrastructure.

construction crew at 156 Street underpass

Capital Construction Program

Access the Annual Capital Construction Program details and budget, and learn the planned Transportation, Drainage, Water, and Sewer Projects [...]

Newly paved highway, as a part of the Highway 10 widening.

Local Area Service (LAS) Program

See how neighbourhoods are being improved through the Local Area Service Program.

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Neighbourhood Enhancement Fund

Learn about Surrey's Neighbourhood Enhancement Fund and get the project criteria and application form.

Road Closures

Find out about full road closures happening in Surrey.

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Discover your transportation options across the City of Surrey.