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Transportation Strategic Plan

The SkyTrain running through Surrey, with the 2010 Olympics sign on a building in the background.

Surrey's Transportation Strategic Plan (12 MB PDF. New window.) shows our vision, goals, proposals and priorities for transportation in Surrey

The Strategic Plan promotes a balanced transport system that works to improve the way we all travel to, from and within Surrey.

Progress on the Transportation Strategic Plan

See the recent list of completed and in-progress Actions for Change in Surrey's 2011 Report on Transportation. The 2010 Report on Transportation (21MB PDF. New window.) shows our first reporting on the the Strategic Plan's Actions for Change.

New parts of the Transportation Strategic Plan

The Transportation Strategic Plan so far has 2 "daughter" plans. These plans are helping us carry out the Plan's Actions for Change.

The third daughter plan, the Safe Mobility Plan, is underway. The 10-Year Servicing Plan also contributes to the Transportation Strategic Plan.

6 key principles of the Transportation Strategic Plan

Six key principles frame all of the issues, goals and over 100 Actions for Change in Surrey's Transportation Strategic Plan.

  1. Effective and efficient network management.
  2. More travel choice. Eg, aiming to offer more smarter travel choices.
  3. Safer, healthier communities. Eg, working at reducing traffic speeds.
  4. Successful local economies. Eg, promoting transportation infrastructure.
  5. Protection of our built and natural environment. Eg, reducing traffic's impacts on air and water quality.
  6. Transportation integration. Eg, enhancing transit integration through Surrey's communities.

The Plan integrates with other policy areas associated with the environment, health and safety, economic well-being and land development.

Contact our Transportation Planning team by email at or by phone at 604-591-4340 with any questions or comments on Surrey's Transportation Strategic Plan.