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Annual Utilities Rates

Waterfront properties in Surrey

Your annual utilities cover rates for

  • water and sewer,
  • drainage parcel tax rates, and
  • and waste collection rates.

You will be billed for your water and sewer service with your annual utilities due date, April 4. Your drainage and parcel taxes and waste collection service are included in your property taxes, due July 4.

2016 annual water and sewer rates

If your property doesn't have a meter, you'll receive a notice to pay a flat rate for water and sewer services. To take charge of your water and sewer bill, install a free water meter and pay for what you use with the Volunteer Water Meter Program.

Your Annual Utility Bill for water and sewer service charges are from January 1 to December 31 for the current calendar year. These rates for 2016 reflect the rates if paid by the annual utilities due date, April 4.

  Single-Family Dwelling Secondary Suite Multi-Family (Strata)
 Sewer   $600.00  $580.00  $206.00
Water   $810.00  $322.00  $322.00
TOTAL   $1410.00  $902.00  $528.00
 Multi-Family (Non-Strata)
Sewer- First Unit  $600.00
Sewer - Other Units  $422.00 each
Water - First Unit  $322.00
Water - Other Units  $322.00 each

Previous Annual Flat Rates for Single-Family Dwelling

Account Type 2009 2010 2011 2012  2013 2014
 Water  $526  $600  $637  $651  $677  $738
 Sewer  $342  $365  $428  $439  $483  $539

Find out about water metering, water conservation and sprinkler regulations by learning about drinking water. Also make sure to learn about your homeowner responsibilities and get a system overview through our sanitary sewer information.

How to calculate your Annual Utility Bill

The Annual Utility Bill is calculated using a flat rate, based on your dwelling type.

See the example for a Single-Family Dwelling in 2016:

Annual Utilities for a Single-Family Dwelling in 2016
2016 Water Rate $810.00
2016 Sewer Rate $600.00
 Total Amount Due $1410.00

Get familiar with your Annual Utilities due date, to avoid penalties. If you're already part of the Water Meter Program, learn about your Metered Utility Area, including your due dates.