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Metered Utilities Auto-Debit Plan

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Pay your metered utilities through an automatic withdrawal on your metered utilities area due date!

With the Metered Utility Auto-Debit Payment Plan, you

  • will never miss a due date,
  • won't pay administrative charges or fees, and 
  • won't have to mail cheques or wait in line.

The Metered Utility Auto-Debit Payment Plan authorizes the City of Surrey to automatically withdraw your utility account balance on each billing due date from your bank account at any Canadian financial institution.

Payment amount

The payment amount is the balance provided on your metered utility bill notice, once every 4 months. This amount will be different for each utility bill, based on your metered water consumption.

Payment withdrawal dates

After you apply for the Auto-Debit Plan, your next metered utilities bill amount will be withdrawn from your account. So, for this billing period, you'll have to pay using one of our different payment options.

For the next metered utilities bill and on, we'll debit your payment amount from your bank account on the “Due Date,” which you'll find on your metered utility bill.

How to apply for the Auto-Debit Plan 

First, review the Terms and Conditions of our Metered Utility Auto-Debit Payment Plan.

Then, submit your completed Auto-Debit Payment Plan Application Form with a cheque marked “VOID,” or a Direct Withdrawal Request Form completed by your bank.

  • Fill out your Metered Utilities Auto-Debit Payment Plan Application Form to send in with your VOID cheque.
  • Complete a Metered Utilities Auto-Debit Request for Change Form to change or cancel your plan.
  • Terms and conditions

    1. The property owner understands that the Metered Utility Auto-Debit Payment Plan (the “Plan”) is for the convenience of the property owner. The City of Surrey relies on the representation constituted by this authorization that the property owner’s bank account shall be in good standing with sufficient funds to cover such pre-authorized debits as they become due and payable
    2. The property owner’s pre-authorized debit shall be drawn and presented to their bank on each utility billing due date for the property shown on the reverse, to cover payment due on the property owner’s utility account on such due date.
    3. If any adjustments to the utility pre-authorized debit amount are necessary, these will only be made after reasonable notice has been given to the property owner.
    4. This authorization may be terminated by the property owner upon six weeks written notice to the City of Surrey Property Tax and Utility Department, or at any time by the City of Surrey. Upon such termination, any balance due thereafter shall be payable directly to the City of Surrey.
    5. A service charge and late payment penalty will be applied to the utility account for any payment not honoured by the property owner’s financial institution. If two consecutive pre-authorized debits are not honoured by the financial institution, the enrolment of the property owner in the plan will be cancelled by the City of Surrey.
    6. Refunds are not available on the plan.
    7. If your payment plan is cancelled or your financial institution does not honour your payment, any balance due thereafter shall be payable directly to the City of Surrey.

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