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Note: COSMOS is no longer supported on Chrome or Safari at this time. Please use Firefox or IE. We are working on a brand new COSMOS that is browser agnostic! Stay tuned later this year for the release and watch for updates.

COSMOS is the City of Surrey's Online Mapping System. You can access it on your desktop or as an application on your smartphone or tablet.

Use COSMOS to look up information such as:

  • zoning
  • land use
  • underground utilities
  • schools
  • parks
  • recreation centres and more


Please view and understand City of Surrey Spatial Data Disclaimer.

How to use COSMOS

Watch these short videos to quickly learn COSMOS. Or, sit back and view all COSMOS short how-to videos for the complete instructions.

What are Map Themes, and Which Should You Use?

How to Find What You're Looking For


How to Look Up Property-Related Information (eg, zoning)

How to Find and View Engineering Drawings and Legal Plans

How to Measure an Area (eg, Property) or a Distance

Watch all COSMOS training videos to learn your way around the newest version of the tool.

COSMOS is just one tool to access Surrey information. Tour other interactive Surrey maps and tools, including the Property Report, which you can use to find assessment values, and maps on a Surrey property by address.


COSMOS Updates and Feedback

Twitter logo stay informed on COSMOS updates.

Provide us feedback on COSMOS. We're working on a mobile version to work on tablets and smartphones. We'd love to hear what you would like to see in this version. Send us an eMail at to let us know what you think.