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Business Flood Preparedness

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Business Flood Preparedness Home Page

We advise all businesses to read through the information in this section thoroughly to ensure your safety and your employees'safety as well as to minimize damage to your business that may result from a flood event.

1. Fraser River freshet Prepardness Phases

This section outlines the City's "Fraser River Flood Plain Preparedness Phases". These (4) phases have been established to ensure that a flood is managed in an efficient manner by Surrey's emergency response teams. We advise residents and businesses to read through the information to understand the severity of a flood.

2. Self Help Guide

The self help guide will help prepare Surrey residents and businesses for a flooding event and actions that each should take during a flood event. It outlines the precautions that should be taken to ensure their safety and wellbeing as well as their friends, families and employees. The guide also provides the precautions that homeowners and businesses should take to reduce the impact of flooding on your property or business and to minimize the disruption of your daily life or business.

3. Emergency Contact Information

This section list important phone numbers and websites that may be needed before or during a flood event. Please make note of these numbers and ensure that your family and/or employees are familiar with these important numbers.

4. Flood Zone Map

Outlines area of potential flood.