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A person walking, another cycling, and a bus travelling on a Surrey road.

Transportation in Surrey is all about options: driving, cycling, walking, taking transit or finding a new smarter travel choice.

You also play a role in helping to mould transportation in the city. In May 2016:

Whatever you choose, we know transportation has got to work for everyone. So, we're using the Transportation Strategic Plan to guide us to better and more travel options.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853 with any questions or feedback on how it is for you to get to, through and around Surrey.

Report a problem like streetlight outages, damaged traffic signs, potholes, and request road maintenance online, 24 hours a day.

Light Rail for Surrey

Learn how Surrey's proposed LRT network will connect our communities and transform how Surrey moves into the future for the better.

Surrey staff in a carpool.

Driving & Traffic

Find out how to make your driving trip to, through and around Surrey safe and convenient.

Man on a bicycle in the bike lane


Get out and on your bike, and explore Surrey's growing bicycle network.

Two children running down a sidewalk.


See how we're building up walking safety and convenience on Surrey streets and greenways to expand walking as a transportation choice.

Image of street with bus and skytrain on tracks above.

Transit in Surrey

Plan your transit route in Surrey, taking the SkyTrain, bus, and learn what we manage, and what Translink manages.

The SkyTrain running through Surrey, with the 2010 Olympics sign on a building in the background.

Transportation Strategic Plan

See our view for transportation in Surrey's Transportation Strategic Plan and supporting documents.

Surrey staff in a carpool.

Smarter Travel Choices

Make a smart travel choice and consider different options for transportation to save the environment and save money.

Pedestrians crossing a road on a Surrey street.

Road Safety

Learn how to work with Surrey to stay safe on Surrey's roads, sidewalks and near rail.

Transportation project on 96 Avenue.

Transportation Projects

See the transportation projects undergoing consultation or construction around Surrey.

Surrey transportation map.

Surrey Road Network & Maps

Come see the different types of roads found in Surrey.

Traffic Obstruction road booking

Traffic Obstruction Permit

A permit is required to temporarily close any road, cycling, or pedestrian facility in the city.

Students Walking to School

Safe and Active Schools Program

See how we're encouraging students to walk and cycle more to school in Surrey.

Cars parked along a residential street in Surrey.


Learn about parking restrictions, residential and truck parking, loading zones, pay parking stations, or pay your parking ticket online.