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King George Boulevard at 96 Avenue Bus and Bike Improvements

December 03, 2010

Photo of bus on new queue jumper laneThis fall, the City of Surrey embarked on a project to facilitate transit and cycling on King George Boulevard at 96 Avenue.  This is part of a broader initiative to improve cycling signage and facilities throughout the City.

Bike lanes were marked on King George Boulevard from 94A Avenue to Fraser Highway, with additional pavement markings (bike symbols) at conflict points, such as close to intersections.

On King George Boulevard at 96 Avenue, a northbound queue jumper lane was added for buses.  A queue jumper gives buses priority, so that they don’t have to wait in line behind other vehicles at a traffic signal.  (There already was a southbound bus queue jumper lane.)  Additionally, the pavement of both queue jumpers has been coloured bright red in order to enhance visibility and remind drivers that only buses and cyclists are allowed in the red area.  There are also signs and other pavement markings making this clear.  This initiative was partly funded by TransLink.

View from above of red pavementThe widths of these bus queue jumpers vary from 4.5 - 5.5 m, allowing for a bus and a bike to comfortably fit side by side in the red area.  Bus drivers typically yield the right of way to cyclists.

Since installation, the City has monitored the queue jumpers and has found very good compliance to the traffic pattern change after a few weeks.

A vehicle other than a bicycle or a bus, if travelling through the red pavement, will be in violation of the Motor Vehicle Act, Section 153:  “If a laned roadway has a bus lane, a person must not drive a motor vehicle or other device in that lane unless permitted by the regulations.” The subsequent fine is $109.00.

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