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Looking down Surrey sidewalk.

We put in sidewalks as part of Surrey's Walking Plan, and as part of the Safe and Active Schools Program

We're doing sidewalk projects in Surrey to make walking in Surrey safe and convenient, and to promote walking — to school, to the bus stop, and around the city.

Priority continues to be on missing links in the annual sidewalk program, particularly on routes to schools.

We include curb bulges and median refuges in our sidewalk projects and program. We're also adding these devices to Surrey's new road designs.

Funding for sidewalk projects

We find funding for sidewalk projects from 4 sources:

  1. Capital Roadworks,
  2. Capital Sidewalk Program,
  3. Developments, and
  4. Local Area Service Program.

Capital Roadworks

We usually construct sidewalks in Surrey when we do capital road projects like widening roads or adding bike lanes or left-turn lanes through our 10-Year Servicing Plan.  This is the most common way that sidewalks are built on arterial roads.

Capital Sidewalk Program

We build new sidewalks through our capital sidewalk program. We generally prioritize locations based on

  • immediate proximity to schools,
  • immediate proximity to transit routes,
  • density of land use in the area (apartments, townhouses, small lots, large lots, etc.),
  • whether there is a sidewalk on the other side of the road, and 
  • whether redevelopment is expected to occur soon.

View before-and-after photos of some of our past projects.

Each year, through the Capital Sidewalk Program, we also


Many sidewalks in Surrey are built through development of the adjacent land. When land along most roads is subdivided or rezoned, the developer must construct the road frontage(s) to the City's current standard, which usually consists of paving, curb and gutter, grass boulevard and street trees, streetlights, and sidewalks.

Since the developer only has to improve his frontage, there are often temporary gaps in the sidewalk spanning undeveloped properties.

This is the most common way that sidewalks are built on local roads and collector roads.

Local Area Service Program

As a homeowner, use the Local Area Service Program to share costs with the City to construct frontage improvements, including sidewalks. This is a way to speed up sidewalk construction.


Contact the City of Surrey's Transportation Planning, Engineering Department by email at or by phone at 604-591-4853 for more on sidewalks in Surrey.