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Property Taxes

Your property tax notice includes:

  • your general City property taxes
  • the roads levy
  • the drainage parcel tax
  • waste collection fees
  • taxes collected for other authorities.

2016 Property Tax Due Dates

  2016 Due Date Notice Sent Out
Property Tax Notice July 4 End of May
Home Owner Grant (if eligible) July 4 End of May
Reminder Notice (2nd penalty) Sep. 2 Beginning of Aug.
Statement of Taxes Dec. 31 Beginning of Nov.



Property Tax Due Dates & Penalties

Have your Surrey property tax in by the July 2 deadline each year.

Property Tax Rate Schedule

Learn how Surrey property tax rates are determined, and see the Tax Rate Schedule.

Stack of papers on a table, with a calculator and pen nearby.

Paying Your Property Taxes

Pay your Surrey property taxes through online banking, or learn your other payment options to pay by July 4, 2016.

Property Tax Pre-Authorized Pre-Payment Plan

Pre-pay your property tax and annual utilities through a monthly pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank.

Online Taxes & Utilities Inquiry

Find property assessment values, legal description, tax and utility levy information related to properties in the City of Surrey.

Seniors in Surrey.

Deferment Programs

Review the BC Property Tax Deferment Program types to see if you qualify to defer your property tax payment.

Tax Certificate

Obtain a Tax Certificate online for conveyancing purposes.

Tax Sale

Find the date of the annual Tax Sale, where The Local Government Act requires the City to sell at tax sale all properties whose taxes are in [...]

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Address Changes

Update your address online to ensure proper property tax and utilities billing.