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Cycling Projects

20 Avenue East of 140 Street

In 2015, we're once again planning to expand and enhance the bicycle network throughout the city.

Learn about Surrey cycling projects like new on-street bike lanes, multi-use pathways, and bridges throughout all Surrey communities.

Explore the projects we've completed last year, and see our ongoing and future cycling projects coming up in the future. We'll provide information for each project as it becomes available.

Or, pedal back to find out about our past cycling projects across the city from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

54 Avenue / 153A Street Bike Lanes

54 Avenue / 153A Street

We're expanding the cycling network in Southeast Newton.

68 / 68A Avenue (Highway 15 - 178 Street) Bike Lanes

68A Avenue Looking East

See how we're extending the bike lanes along 68 / 68A Avenue to connect to Highway 15.

City Parkway (105A - 108 Avenue) Bike Lanes

City Parkway Looking South

We're planning to install bike lanes along City Parkway between 105A Avenue and 108 Avenue in City Centre.

Cycling and greenway projects

Tanner multi-use pathway

We're expanding the Fraser Heights Greenway and the Tannery Multi-Use Pathway.

Fleetwood Greenway (south of 80 Avenue, from 160 Street to 168 Street)

Learn about the Fleetwood Greenway (south of 80 Avenue, from 160 Street to 168 Street) cycling project in Surrey.

Tannery Greenway (Tannery Road - Old Yale Road)

Project Location Map

Check out our plans to construct an additional greenway along the wets side of Scott Road in Westminster Heights.