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Online Services

MySurrey Portal gives fast and easy access to Surrey online services

Use the MySurrey Portal, now in BETA, to do all of your City of Surrey online services from one place. The MySurrey Portal works on your desktop, tablet or phone to allow you to quickly, conveniently and securely access popular Surrey online services.

  • Pay a parking ticket,
  • Request building records, or
  • Submit your construction site's Fire Safety Plan for review.

Go to the MySurrey Portal

MySurrey Portal BETA Features

Your feedback and continued customer testing has helped us create an easy to use portal with new features:

  • Mobile friendly: The MySurrey Portal works on any desktop, tablet or mobile device 24 hours a day.
  • Secure and private: Any information you provide is protected under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.
  • Easy to use: Each step of the MySurrey Portal was made with you in mind, making all newly designed online services mobile friendly and easier to use.

Go to the MySurrey Portal

MySurrey Portal BETA Future Plans

Currently, the MySurrey Portal includes three new or completely redesigned Surrey online services, including Building Records Search, Parking Infraction Payment and Fire Safety Plan Review. Other future plans include continual updates like:

  • Completely new online services
  • Redesigned existing online services
  • Real time notifications
  • Single sign on


Tell us how MySurrey Portal works for you, inside the Portal, at any step of the way.

The MySurrey Portal is the biggest move Surrey has made to help you access services, anywhere, anytime and on any device. Read more on the background on this innovation in the Smart Surrey Strategy.

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