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Substance Use Awareness

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Substance Use Awareness Week is May 29 to June 4, 2016

Each year, the Substance Use Awareness Team (SUAT) organizes Surrey's Substance Use Awareness Week the last week in May.

During this week, we encourage the community to get involved by attending our education sessions or our mall booths, utilizing our educational fact sheets and the "Host your own toolkit" to create your own Substance Use Awareness event, and to take the Surrey Habit Change Challenge.

Take the Surrey Habit Change Challenge

Show your support for Substance Use Awareness Week by taking part in the Surrey Habit Change Challenge. The challenge is a chance for you to reduce or eliminate a habit, create a healthier lifestyle through good habits, and gain understanding about substance use and people living with addictions.

  1. Register to take the Habit Change Challenge between now and Sunday, May 29, and take the challenge pledge to be entered into a prize draw.
  2. Participate in the challenge during Substance Use Awareness Week May 29 to June 4, 2016 and when you post your challenge progress on Twitter and Instagram through the hashtag #SryHabitChange you will receive additional draw entries for great prizes!

Prizes include: Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards and City of Surrey items.

Substance Use Awareness Week Events

Mark your calendars! A number of events will take place throughout the city to help raise awareness about substance use and how to find help. These events have been organized by the SUAT as well as various community agencies.

Monday, May 9
The “Habit Change Challenge” kicks off!  The goal of the challenge is to have the community reflect upon how their chosen “habit” either positively or negatively affects the various aspects of their life. A flyer and poster were created to promote the challenge. Find more information on the Surrey Habit Change Challenge.  As well, an event toolkit with fact sheets have been created for distribution to the public and partners. The fact sheets address common Substance Use topics and the “Host your Own Event Toolkit” encourages agencies, businesses and groups in the community to host their own Substance Use Awareness Week events.

Thursday, May 26 - 3:00 to 6:00pm
Visit the Substance Use Awareness Team at Central City Mall and talk to experts in the field, learn about local resources and try your hand on the wheel of fortune!

Sunday, May 29 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
Stop by the White Rock Farmers Market located at Miramar Plaza 15154 Russell Avenue in White Rock to help kick off Substance Use Awareness Week. Learn about local resources and how you can participate in the habit change challenge.

Substance Use Awareness Toolkit

Agencies, businesses and groups in the community can use the Host Your Own Event Toolkit to organize their own Substance Use Awareness events. It could be a walk, run, BBQ or any other event that helps raise awareness about substance use in the community.

The toolkit is a step-by-step guide that walks groups through the planning and implementation process. The thirteen educational fact sheets below can be printed and used with the toolkit then shared at events, or even used as resources for schools, community groups, parents, etc.

Substance Use Awareness Educational Fact Sheets

The Substance Use Awareness Team creates and updates educational fact sheets yearly. See the 2015 fact sheets and the days they will be highlighted during the week below:


Partnerships for Substance Use Awareness Team (SUAT)

SUAT unites 13 community partners in the City of Surrey with the collective goal to create awareness around the issues of substance use, gambling and process addictions.

Our team helps educate the community on how to recognizing possible signs in family and friends who may require supports and provides education that promotes safe use of legal substances, gambling and internet games. We use the phrase “Substance Use” instead of “Substance Abuse” to reach a broader audience, and gain attention from those who don’t identify themselves as having a problem or being addicted.

Check out our partners for more information and choose your way to get involved. All links open in new windows.

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Surrey Habit Change Challenge

Show your support for Substance Use Awareness Week by taking part in the Surrey Habit Change Challenge!